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 Grow your business by enabling seamless payments, reducing wait time and getting customers their orders faster.

How EveryBotty Works

Step 1: Order

Customers place orders easily via the messaging platform. No need to download an application.

Step 2: Pay

Various payment platforms supported. Order information automatically sent to kitchen POS or Printer.

Step 3: Collect

Customers are notified when to pick up their order. A unique voucher code is created for easy order pickup.

EveryBotty Features

Customizable Digital Menu

Digital Menu

Update your menu with a single click of the button. Add or remove menu items, change photos, remove out of stock items, and change item prices.

Customer Purchase Data


EveryBotty provides your business with Intelligent analytics. Track customer ordering habits,  average spend, and inventory on your dashboard.

Automated Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Create personalized coupons for specific customers with a click of a button. Generate promotions for individual customers based on time of day, inventory or previous purchase habits. 

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